Mr. Hot and Cold


Samantha – Alright, get ready for a doozy. After getting bored of the ye olde tinder game (a girl can only act cute and fun for so long) I decided to try meeting guys the “old-fashioned” way…in a bar. One night, while out with my DTT6 co-conspirator Miranda, I met this guy who seemed pretty nice and tried to introduce them. She was not interested but we ended up talking and actually got along quite well. Get this, he was taller than I was and I was wearing heels, if that’s not a match made in heaven then I don’t know what is. We ended up chatting all night, buying each other drinks (See? I am an independent, 21st century, liberal-thinking woman…re: “Mr. Forgetful”) and exchanging numbers.

A couple days later I hear from the guy and we planned to meet up for drinks. We had a fantastic time, chatting for hours and things were going really well. Then it was time for me to catch my train – yes, commuting is a joy – so he offered to walk me to the station. After (literally) running through the 6ix and just missing it, he pulled me in for this really romantic kiss in the middle of the station. It was very cute and as a generally non-PDA kind of girl I was surprisingly into it.

He then asked if I wanted to grab another drink because now I had to go home late, and I did. We went to another bar and that’s when things got pretty PG-13 if I do say so myself… lots of handholding and kissing, which again, for Ms. Non-PDA over here was a pretty big deal. After the bar we went for a walk along the waterfront harbor and kissed…a lot. He mentioned that it was a pretty flawless first date – which it was – and that he had “caught feelings for me”. Interesting way of putting it but I was too giddy (and a little too tipsy) to care.

Before I go on, one of the things you should know about me is that I do not play games. I have no patience for it and do not put up with it. I told this to Mr. Hot and Cold and that I am not a huge texter, which he said that was fine by him and we’d just text to make plans. Perfect! Here’s a guy I’m starting to like, who  says he likes me and it seems like we’re on the same page. Right? Wrong.

We tried to make plans for a second date, but getting an answer from him was really difficult in a “respond 6 hours later with one word” type of way.We ended up having to reschedule our date, twice, with one time being attributed to him being sad that the Blue Jays lost a baseball game #ComeTogether… So, on the day that we were meant to hang out, I messaged in the morning to make sure we didn’t have to reschedule again. Which I thought was fair given our track record. Well, apparently not, because I didn’t hear from him until right before I was supposed to head downtown. This was very frustrating because as a commuter living 45 min outside of the city, I didn’t want to go downtown only to find out he was going to cancel on me, again. As such, I didn’t get ready until I heard from him and was pretty irritated by the time I got downtown.

There was also the added bonus that he repeatedly told the same stories from date #1, to the point where I began to think that either he must’ve been really drunk on our first date (which he admitted that he was) or he is just stupid. Neither are great qualities in a date. Then I realized that a lot of the things that he was  saying were actually kind of offensive and not attractive at all, and I began thinking…”Did I like this guy because I was drunk? I mean, we did meet at a bar and had our first date was at one too so…Omg, I totally like this guy better when I’m drunk!” Obviously this is not a revelation I was willing to share, and was told at the end of our date that once again he thought it had gone really well, he could see us moving past just dating and that he wanted to see me again.

Thinking that maybe I had just been in a bad mood that night, I agreed to another date. Again, our texting game to try and make plans was seriously lacking, but I accepted that as just “his style” since he kept saying how much he liked me in person. The only text I actually did get was while he was out at a bar one night asking if I was there, which I was not. However, DTT6 co-conspirator Miranda was at the  bar, and said he was talking with someone else the entire night. Which is honestly fine with me and totally his prerogative, but seriously, did he need to be messaging me at the EXACT SAME TIME? After that I was pretty much over the whole thing, because my interest was already dwindling and had come to realize that games were not only a thing that he plays, but also his middle name.

It just so happens that the day before our date I won tickets to see a playoff soccer game and had to cancel on him. I sent a very nice message, well in advance I may add, and even suggested rescheduling. I was in turn ignored and never even got a response back. Nice eh? I’m really looking forward to seeing him again at a bar so I burst into song: “You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes..  ”

Update: I actually did end up seeing him at the bar a week or so later and he completely ignored me when I tried to catch his eye. Not really sure what his deal was but if anyone reading this can figure it out I’m all ears.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Hot and Cold

  1. Sounds like the sort of person who has two or three people on the go at the same time. Fairly unconcerned about cancelled plans or bad dates because he knows he has somewhere else to go later. It’s not just men though, the girl I’m seeing at the moment is doing pretty much the exact same thing.


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