Remembering Mr. Adventure  



Charlotte – Most of us go through our fair share of guys and gals before finding “the one”. We hop from one to the next but never take a moment to be thankful for our experiences with each. Maybe he was a shit kisser but made you laugh a lot. Maybe it didn’t “click” but he taught you something new. Maybe he made too many jokes but he had the perfect smile.

I had previously written a different post about Mr. Adventure. I was going to talk about our date, the fact that he was absolutely wild but also incredibly romantic. I still intend to, but this post isn’t about the date, it’s an opportunity to reminisce and appreciate the person. Just this week I got the news that this wonderful daredevil had pushed life’s boundaries just a little too far. This week we lost someone I regret not appreciating more while he was in my life.

On August 7 th, 2015 I went on a date with Mr. Adventure. He had tried to make plans with me multiple times before but I wasn’t into it. He was a couple years younger and I didn’t think it would work out. But finally I caved.

I thought it was going to be an early date, so when he didn’t call me until 9:00pm I was pretty pissed – I didn’t even want to go on this thing, but I’m so grateful I did. Just like him, this date was not ordinary, and surpassed every expectation I could have contemplated.

He picked me up and we drove to a forest a little north from our area. We hiked through the woods until we got to a fire pit he had made with his friends. He built a fire and we sat around for hours talking about life. He even brought towels for us to sit on and marshmallows to roast. He was a hopeless romantic and had this way of making everyone around him feel so special. Not because of some ulterior motive, but rather he genuinely saw the specialness of every individual. You could talk to this guy forever and about anything. He was wise beyond his years, lived every day like it was his last and his goals surpassed what anyone could accomplish in one lifetime but he was on his way of achieving all of them.

His sense of adventure was contagious; his confidence was reassuring. He could convince you to overcome your greatest fears because you knew that with him there were no boundaries, no concept of fear, no limitations as to what you could do. He somehow got me to climb a tree in the middle of the night so that I could overlook the lake ahead. I could barely see how to make my next step so I relied on him to walk me through the climb. I had to talk him out of jumping in but had I not been there he’d be in the water in a heartbeat.

After hours of taking in the perfect night with a wonderful human being it was time to go. I didn’t know whether it was the fire, the time of night or the aggressive make out session but I was exhausted. While driving back I had fallen asleep in his car to wake up not at my own home but rather his. He decided he wanted to drive me home on his motorcycle and when Mr. Adventure had an idea it was hard to change his mind.

We swapped the keys and I got on that bike. I swear that was the first and last motorcycle I will ever ride. The next 15 minutes felt like forever. Even his presence didn’t calm my nerves. I’ve never been so afraid but looking at his face he seemed so calm and happy. Yes, he was a daredevil. Yes, he liked to partake in some inherently risky activities.  But he was not afraid of consequences because he believed in living for today and not tomorrow. Maybe his sense of adventure got the best of him but I have no doubt that while he was flying through the roads on his bike he had that feeling of serenity and his signature grin from ear to ear.

I won’t be getting date number two with Mr. Adventure but I will never forget that child like appreciation yet mature understanding of life that he brilliantly balanced. I will strive to extend a greater amount of appreciation to those around me, to face my fears and take chances. To live adventurously and to welcome every opportunity and challenge that comes my way. To value those who come into my life, no matter how short of a period they stay.


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