Mr. Hot and Cold…and hot again

Samantha – This past week I was out for drinks with some co-workers and having a great time. Much to my dismay, people began leaving surprisingly early and the night was winding down just as I was turning up. Obviously then, the logical next step was to find a way to keep the good times rolling. And how did I do that, you may ask? By texting good ole Mr. Hot and Cold. Who, for those of you not following my dating life religiously, disappeared a little over a month ago after I attempted to reschedule a date.

But Samantha, why did you message him? Well my loyal followers, he’s probably one of the only people I know who’d be 100% down for drinks at any hour of any day and I was looking for a sure thing. There was also the added benefit that we had left a couple lose ends untied that I was hoping to resolve, so I said YOLO and did it for the story, or the blog ;).

We met up within ten minutes of my message and immediately fell into a comfortable catch up of what we’d been up to since last hanging out…by last hanging out I mean running into each other at a bar and totally ignoring the other’s existence. Ya, that needed to be addressed. I very politely, but bluntly, asked why he had gone AWOL after what he’d described as two great dates. Well according to Mr. H&C, rescheduling our date made it seem like I was disinterested, so he wanted to “protect himself” from getting too invested. I’m not entirely sure that I buy this excuse as he did once reschedule on me because the Jays lost a baseball game…But hey, I was essentially booty calling him so who am I to condemn f**kboi tendencies.

We enjoyed a couple beers and some food before heading out toward his ‘hood. I had reapplied some lip balm in the bathroom before we left, leading to the undoubtedly greatest ‘Mean Girls’ moment of my life: While walking hand in hand under the twinkling Christmas lights, he stops, lays a big kiss on me, smiles and says: “Your lips taste like peppermint”…to which I burst out laughing, ruining the quasi-romantic moment because all I could picture was Aaron Samuels kissing Regina’s foot cream face.


Upon arrival I met his roommates, which I always find awkward because it’s like “Hey I’m Sam, you know why I’m here and are probably mentally high-fiving your buddy for getting it in”. Nonetheless, I’ve accepted these semi-awkward moments as the trials and tribulations that I must bear, and we head up to his room to get down to business.

Other than smoking my head on the roof of his loft-style bed in one of my greatest displays of grace and poise, the evening was a success. We had a really fun time and he even called me an Uber to get back to the subway, who says chivalry is dead?

However, this is Mr. Hot and Cold we’re talking about, and as such, I’, expecting that our hot hook up will lead to a much colder front in the near future…stay tuned to see how it all shakes out.



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