Our Two Cents- Workplace Dating: the good, the bad and the just plain awkward


So this installment of “Our Two Sense” is a little different in that we’re not using a base post but instead decided to write our own from scratch. Actually, we wrote it on our internal work messaging system since we no longer work in the same building. We’re not too sure how it’ll turn out but stick with us, we’re hoping for the best!

Our Two Sense – Workplace Dating: the good, the bad and the just plain awkward



OK, so I really want to talk about office relationships because well, for starters, Miranda and I are co-workers so it seemed like a natural fit. Second, as we spend the majority of our lives in an office building (how depressing is that), it seems likely that this topic would come up once or twice between the start of our careers and the eventual day we retire.

Definitely. it’s inevitable and not a matter of if, but when it’ll happen. The work relationships that we refer to can be a myriad of things. It could be as simple as a work hubby, a full-fledged relationship or even an affair. 

Let’s start with the idea of a work hubby, because I am totally into this idea and can see this as the easiest work place relationship trope to fall into. What do you define as a work husband?

In my eyes, the work hubby is a crush or flirtation you have at work, but only at work. You have a good time talking or fantasizing about what could be but when you go home they’re outta sight outta mind. 

Fantasizing eh, that goes even further than what I think of it. For me, it’s someone you get along with really well who’s fun to flirt with, but that’s it.

Hahaha you know me. I have a tendancy to dramatize situations. Even people in relationships joke about work hubbies/work wifies. It doesn’t mean anything but it helps keep you a bit entertained. 

Yup, I mean something’s gotta get you through dreadful Tuesday afternoons.

Hmmm so what else is there? What about the classic work crush. This can be a dangerous area to delve into, especially when the crush is only one way.

Omg we have totally seen that in our office haven’t we…

Yes we have. I have had the unfortunate experience of being on the receiving end of this form of a crush. It was a very distinct variation of it, but a crush nonetheless. 

HOLD ON. I was thinking of Mark* and Jen*! Are you talking about your other thing?


Haha my god this is perfect. Just look at how common work place crushes can be. We bring up the topic and already were thinking of two completely different examples. In fact, if you count the random guy who always asks me to do crosswords with him or to go for lunch then that is three examples right off the bat!! Whew, ok….hilarious. Moving on.

Ok, basically this guy on my team, Ben*, was pursuing me for the better half of a year. It has gone way beyond work hubby and has continued outside of work as a texting relationship. The only problem with this whole thing is that he actually has a fiancé that he’s planning on marrying this year. 

Absolutely mental…Yep, I definitely remember this story. Go on.

Ya, not sure how I got myself in this one. Anyway, I had just joined the company and Ben was the youngest person on my team (other than me) and I guess we struck up some kind of friendship. It was nice having him to talk to but I think he saw it differently. One night we were texting and I may have been a bit drunk lamenting over my love life and said something along the lines of “duck i’m horny” (autocorrect, am I right?). Ben took the opportunity to ask me if I needed any help with that, and it all went downhill from there. 

So, ya that’s another type of work relationship that you really DON’T want to have. 

I totally agree. Mixing business with pleasure, especially with that close proximity is a recipe for disaster. 

Totally. I would recommend avoiding it as much as possible. 

But as you were saying Samantha, we do have two friends that have their own sort of work relationship. Care to explain to our lovely readers?

Hold up honey, you think I’m letting you off the hook. How did this unfortunate incident end?

Haha fine. You got me. After I freaked out for a bit, try a lot, I probed him more and found out that he and his fiancé have an open relationship that allows him to pursue other women on the side. I think eventually he would bring them in for a threesome but apparently she is fine with him sleeping around even though she has no desire to do it herself. He seemed to think that I was a good candidate for all of this and even after my repeated NO’s he was still quite persistent. Now we’re in a good position as just friends, but it took a long while for him to finally get the clue. 

Let’s be real, this could’ve been at least a couple posts on its own.

Yes it could. And maybe it will! Once I sit down and have the patience to write it.

So let’s talk about the one-sided relationship that we unintentionally became involved with, Mark and Jen. Now, although Jen rarely admits it, she fully has a “thing” for Mark where she thinks he’s cute or whatever and he definitely knows it. Hell, we all know it. Mark kind of takes advantage of this and flirts right back, toying with her. But you can’t really blame him all that much. Who doesn’t like attention right? Well, after a couple work socials involving a lot of intoxication and some really inappropriate comments, a HUGE game of “he said, she said” ensued where both sides had a completely different story of how it all went down. Eventually they pretended like it never happened and even tried to form a friendship, but it was super awkward for us. We saw how lopsided the whole thing was and we knew it would be a bad idea to get wrapped up in the whole mess. 

Ya…That was a scenario and a half. In fact, I don’t think it’s over quite yet. They still have their little comments made here and there and at this point, they don’t even try to hide it. It’s pretty entertaining to watch from the sidelines.

Uch you say entertaining, I say obnoxious.

But what if you work in a massive company? Does that still count? Sure, maybe you bump into each other once in a while, but if you don’t work with them directly, I could definitely see it as a feasible possibility.

No no, don’t get me wrong it is still a huge possibility, especially if there is distance. It just seems like adding another complication to an over-complicated issue.

I wouldn’t be opposed to a relationship with someone at work if it was done in that way, I think. It’s still not ideal but a lot of the prime male real estate is in the financial district of the 6ix, aka where we work.

You’re 110% right about that girlfriend. The PATH is filled with hotties, there is really no point of swiping anywhere other than the Starbucks in First Canadian Place.

And hey, it does sometimes work. The girl who sits at the desk beside mine met her boyfriend of 4 years while working together. So I guess it is possible, I’m probably just too much of a spaz to make it work…at work.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it is totally a fantasy of mine to bang at the office. 

Ok, a straight up hookup is what I think is super dangerous. That’s where rumours spread and bad things can happen immediately. But yes, that’s totally hot in concept. Up against the executive table or facing the floor to ceiling windows of the 6ix…similar to your saucy story about “Mr. Views” if I recall. 

You know me well. If he added a boardroom table to his apartment I’d be sold. Till then I’ll try find an executive at a DIFFERENT companies, so I can screw without getting screwed.

I see what you did there, you cheeky girl. That’s a definite strategy. Well, this discussion was totally all over the place…

Seriously, there is clearly just so much to talk about, but we tried to at least touch upon a bunch of different topics.

It’s true, so let’s turn now to our trusty audience. Would you guys want to see more posts like this? Did you like the old format more? What would you like us to give our two sense about…let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to incorporate your feedback.

Later days, I’m out to bag a business man :*



*names changed to protect identites because…duh. 


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