Swifting through guys

Taylor Swift, an artist known for her ability to master multiple music genres, having killer legs that could make a Victoria Secret model jealous and most notably, her serial dating style.

Since her recent breakup with the insanely handsome Calvin Harris and all-too-quick rebound, Tom Hiddleston, she’s left the world wondering… wtf is up with this chick, why is it that she just can’t get it right?

I for one want to send out a big thank you to Taylor. Thank you for being an actual human being. As a serial dater myself, I get it. It’s hard to find love, especially when you have such a vivid image of what you want to achieve in your life. You aren’t looking for someone to love you, you’re looking for someone to challenge, support and excite you.

So why does it matter if she’s jumped from guy to guy? Is society stating that there is something wrong with dating a number of people in an effort to meet the right one? That’s a pretty preposterous statement to make, isn’t it? How can we possibly judge someone for giving people a chance and trying to find that connection we all strive for.

Some people are lucky, they meet “the one” early on like a penguin that finds the perfect pebble for his mate, they’re tied at the hip from that moment on. Conversely, many of us like to test out the waters before jumping in. Why would there be so many fish in the sea if we weren’t meant to swim around with a number of them.

To all my single ladies (both famous and not so famous) – just keep swimming.


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