I’m Single and I Love Valentine’s Day

Let me start off by saying that this wasn’t always the case. In fact, flashback to a year ago and this was basically polar opposite to how I was feeling. I broke up with my first real boyfriend, Mr. High School Crush, just a month before Valentines Day. My heartbreak was coinciding with (what felt like) the whole world beginning to be covered in hearts and declaration of love – basically everything that I was trying to hide from. As a recently single lady, I felt an urge to knock down all of the red and pink displays, rip down decorations that I saw and felt overwhelmingly compelled to either push or yell at couples, especially those showing PDA. Though in reality I did none of these things (except some eye-rolling and disgusted sounds at several couples) I felt like a monster who just hated anything that had to do with love and especially Valentines Day.


I guess I felt worried to be spending the holiday alone, because the memories that I had made over the 3 years prior were engrained in my mind as what Valentines Day should be. A holiday full of romantic dinners and getaways, overly expensive roses and red lingerie. How the hell was I going to celebrate make it through that Valentines Day with these preconceived ideas in my head. There was no other way to say it except that Valentine’s Day made me sick.

Lucky for me, last year I not only learned how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I had the best Valentine’s by a long shot and the best part of all was that (no Mr. High School Crush and I did not get back together), I didn’t even have a boyfriend to celebrate with. With no boyfriend or just one assumed Valentine, my friends and family boosted my heartbreak by offering to be my Valentine. With multiple Valentine’s in my circle, though they pitied me for being single, there was a perk that I ended up with more chocolate than I could have imagined (definitely more chocolate than I ever got from a boyfriend) – it was already looking up. On the actual day, I had no more worry that I would be spending it alone because I got to celebrate my first “Galentine’s Day” which surpassed any Valentine’s date I’ve ever had. What could be better than a group of single girlfriends, LOTS of food, dessert and most importantly wine?! Thanks to my own friends and family I was able to not only make it through the most dreaded holiday of a single girl, but I actually and genuinely really enjoyed it.

Now I’m here. A year later. Still single, and I am excited for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it was last years festivities, or my year to reflect and think and be happy with my #singlestatus, but this year I am embracing the holiday in the most Hallmark love filled way you can imagine. Because that’s exactly what I am celebrating: LOVE. My life, as I’ve learned, is more full of love than it ever has been. I know that it’s cheesy, but as February rolled around I felt an urge to feel more loving to my friends and family, to myself and to my life. With hearts basically everywhere that you turn, it’s hard not to think about love, whether it’s romantic or not and to feel that uplifting loving vibe. To me, Valentine’s serves as a reminder to show the special people in your life that you love them. To indulge in sweets, make cards and show the people that you care about them how much you really do. I am excited for my second annual Galentines day and am secretly hoping that my friends and I stay single for a while so this tradition can continue (just kidding…sorry ladies). Maybe the girls in Sex and the City were right, and that our girlfriends really are our soulmates, and if so that is what we should be celebrating when it comes to celebrating love!  I am excited that I have SO many people to celebrate and am thankful that there’s a holiday to remind me to show how much I love and care about the people in my life. (Not to mention, the holiday continues to February 15 where all of the chocolate is discounted 😉 )


I can now look at couples and instead of wanting to pull them apart or flip their table at a restaurant, I can be happy for people who are happy to be in love. Maybe because it makes me hopeful that my love is out there somewhere too, or that it shows me how beautiful and fun love can be! I am no longer a cynical love hating monster, but now I can actually listen to, and help, my friends think of the cutest most romantic Valentine’s gestures for their significant others without feeling queasy while we talk about it.

Love is everywhere this month whether we want to it to or not. And even if we don’t have that special someone to share the day with, we should be looking for all those special people that surround us with love on February 14th and the other 364 days of the year.


P.s. let me know how you’re celebrating this year I’m a sucker for a good Valentine’s story 😉


Mr. Somebody That I Used To Know

Carrie – Okay Mr. Somebody might not be the story you’re expecting. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting when I boarded the subway at Finch Station on a Thursday morning at the crack of dawn. I had been staying uptown at my parents’ house, the area where I had done (most of) my growing up. Disoriented from taking the southbound train to work, I got in on one of the cars in the middle. And out of all the ways I changed my normal routine that morning; it was either fate or chance that led me to stand in the same car right across from Mr. Somebody.

So who is Mr. Somebody That I Used To Know? Well, he is the older brother of my ex, aka the only boyfriend I’ve ever had, aka Mr. High-School-Sweetheart Puppy Love. Mr. Somebody was the quiet eldest brother of three, equally as mild-mannered as my ex, but definitely the most difficult to get a reaction out of compared to the rest of the family. Going from playing board games with him once a week to deleting him off Facebook when I found out my ex was sleeping with someone else, it surely was an odd feeling to see him again and I wasn’t sure how the interaction was gonna go.

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Mr. Family Man

Samantha – Lordy lord, the situations I get myself into…I don’t even know how I manage to fail so hard but lucky for y’all, I do. Please enjoy yet another amusing anecdote that is hopefully not indicative of my love life for the entirety of 2016.

I was in Mexico over the holidays with my family and our cousins from the States.  My cousin Jenna* suggested I check out j-swipe at our resort as Mexico is one of two breeding grounds for Jews over the holidays (the other being Florida).  I ended up matching with this really good looking guy who was totally my type and whose description said he was South African born and Toronto living. KK this is ideal.  A guy with the same background with me, cute and seemingly interested! We chatted it up and tried to make plans to hang out, which turned out to be a lot harder than you’d think it would be on vacay. But it’s cool, no biggie. I figured if we didn’t meet up in Mexico, we could always reconnect in the 6ix.

Anyway, I ended up telling Jenna about Mr. Family Man as she was the one who had initially motivated me to swipe it up in the first place. After describing him she asks: “Is his name Mr. Family Man?” Ya…why? I was slightly weirded out, but figured that there are only so many people swiping in the area so she must’ve come across him as well.

If only.

Turns out that she had in fact seen him on j-swipe but hadn’t matched because….drum roll please……Mr. Family Man is also my COUSIN.

Yes people, I was flirting with my cousin and I had no idea. How friggen hilarious is that?  Obviously the cute guy with a similar background to mine who’s actually interested is also a relative.


Ok, ok…this isn’t actually as absurd as it sounds. We’ve never met before and are related through our great-grandmothers, making him my 4th cousin or something, which isn’t even blood related! So this isn’t some sort of Karen smith/Seth Mosakowski situation, but is still WAY too weird to even consider continuing to talk to him in a non-familial way.


The best part: I was supposed to go for dinner with his fam while in Mexico, but he’d come down for vacay after a month away in China and was too jetlagged to do dinner. This situation could only be more ridiculous if we had discovered we’re cousins while having dinner with the rest of our family.

The big question remains: should I tell him?? Please weigh in loyal followers; I have yet to answer his last message but this is too funny not to share! Who knows, maybe he won’t be totally freaked out and will want to be friends. We could even wingman for the other, family always supports each other out right?

*name changed to protect my secret identity