Mr. Three Night Stand

Samantha – Ok, so I’m not going to pretend that I need to wined and dined by every guy I meet…sometimes you want a guy for just one thing. Or in this case, three one-things. I hooked up with this guy that I went to school with back in March after a drunken night at the bar. It was no big deal and we both went on with our lives in a normal fashion. The only out of the ordinary aspect about the scenario is the way in which I went about ascertaining the hook up:

Drunk Samantha: “Let’s go back to my place” (I was not this classy in person)
Him: “Ok.”

Romantic stuff, I know. Anyway, because we’re in the same group of friends I get a lot of shit for that night and the classy conduct displayed by all. So, when I went to visit my friends still at school and he happened to be there, comments were made. Following the comments came some drinking, which was followed by more drinking, which ended with repeating my “one night stand”. And a few weeks later, one more time.

I won’t go into the details – this is not that kind of blog – but I will say that unlike my previous posts in this series, this was not part of my epic quest to find “the one”. However, also unlike my other posts, I actually got something out of this encounter, so I guess a one night stand will just have to suffice for now!