Boston Babe’s Back!

FFS this post is delayed. Though unintended I have taken 2.5 months to get this sucker out…As such, here’s a little #TBT for your Thursday afternoon….

It was an ordinary November afternoon when I received a Snapchat message from good ole’ Boston Boy (upgraded to Boston Babe), my super sweet fling from the summer who took me to baseball games and held my hand at the dinner table. It said: “Hey, do you know any good places to eat in downtown Toronto?” I laughed to myself, realizing that this was exactly how he’d started our very first tinder convo (yes, I have that good a memory). I was in the middle of a drrrry spell…one that actually started when B-Boy left Toronto back in August. Work was out of control busy, I was studying for a grad school entrance exam, and had a general apathy toward dating of any kind, so ya, I didn’t hesitate setting up our date.

We agreed to meet at his hotel and I showed up nervous and excited. After all, I hadn’t seen the guy in almost 3 months and couldn’t even remember if I thought he was cute. He ended up getting stuck at work so I decided to make the best of the situation and grabbed a glass of wine and a seat at the bar. I ended up chatting to the guy at the stool next to me (don’t get the wrong idea, he was well over 50) and had a pretty hilarious time. I felt a little like the star of my own version of “Pretty Woman”, trying to set up a client while waiting for another to arrive. The gentleman asked if I was staying in the hotel, to which I replied: “Nope just visiting a friend” just as Boston Babe showed up, looking way cuter than I remembered I may add. I struggled to find my credit card and pay for the drink only looking up when the bartender yelled “THAT WAS THE SMOOTHEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN”. Always considerate, my Boston Babe had subtly paid the tab and grabbed my stuff. All I could do was muster a quiet “thank you” and grab his hand before heading straight for the elevators.

The rest of the night was honestly amazing. We hooked up, ate pizza in bed, hot-tubbed, hooked up, watched a movie, slept, and again hooked up. It was as if we picked up right where we let off and quickly transitioned from ‘what’ve you been up to’ pleasantries to meaningful conversation. I left the next morning, after enjoying a complimentary hotel breakfast, feeling elated and excited to see him again. Oh! and I mustn’t forget that the gentleman from the bar the night before turned up again, this time sitting across from me as I ate toast and scrambled eggs, while I kept my blushing cheeks pointed to my plate.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am in a full-on ‘fling-lationship’. I dub this term to explain the otherwise uncategorically expressed phenomenon: I was 100% in a relationship for a very defined period of time. We texted, ate meals together, talked about our days, and spent a lot of time together. By the last week of his trip I had definitely grown attached, more than to just having someone in my life but to him as well. We went skating one night and as he held my hands and skated backwards, guiding us around the rink I couldn’t help but think: “Why does he have to leeeeaaaveeee”. I was so happy to continue doing what we were doing that I couldn’t help but feel slighted to have found someone I get along with so well when he happens to live in another country. A country with a president like Trump no less.

We had some very deep life chats over the course of a couple weeks, even getting into our pasts and relationship deal breakers which is something I rarely share with my male companions. I admitted mine is overemotional guys…ya, I’m pretty callous…hence my hesitance to share. It turned out I needn’t worry, as his exes always complained that he didn’t open up and was too emotionally reserved…Well no wonder we friggen got along so well! I don’t like to talk about feelings with the guy I’m dating and he doesn’t like to talk about feelings. period.

Well, while our mutual fear of intimacy made for a perfect fling, it also made it kind of hard to understand if the feelings I was developing were real. By the end of his trip my mind had turned into a broken record  “Should I say how I feel? Could he feel the same way? Am I asking to be rejected by a guy who admittedly doesn’t open up??” I continued this one-woman game of ‘relationship chicken’, torn between taking a risk or letting this great guy just pass me by until it was suddenly our last night together and I still hadn’t said anything. You’d think I’d be capable of uttering a simple “Hey, I like you and I’d actually give this a shot…what do you think?”, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Despite my overwhelming cowardice we had a great night. Well, no…Let me clarify. I had a perfectly good night but he was clearly VERY off…to this day I don’t know what was wrong but he didn’t enjoy the physical part of our relationship in the same way he had throughout all the time we’d spent together prior. Maybe he was also playing relationship chicken and was more wrapped up in his thoughts than in my embrace? Maybe he had a rough day at work? Who knows. I

left the next morning knowing that it’d be the last time I saw him.  Whether or not he felt the way I did one thing was clear: neither of us had the balls to turn this into anything real and without someone stepping up to the plate we’d go down in history as the greatest potential relationship never to reach the major leagues.

We had a great time together and while losing him stung a bit, I was over it after a couple days and quickly dove back into work, studying and not giving a fuck about dating. I won’t be the type of girl always at someone else’s beck and call, so if he ever came back to T.O., single or not, our fling-lationship would remain safely where it belongs: on my blog.


Our Two Cents- The Dbag Dating Guide To Cuffing Season

OurTwoSenseWelcome to the second installment of Our Two Sense, where your dating panel provides their two cents into The Dbag Guide to Cuffing Season.

Dbag Dating


The other night, I was hanging out with my girlfriends, reenacting some sad SATC-inspired scenario comprised mainly of Mirandas, when one of the Mirandas (by way of the Bronx) enriched my jargon with a beautiful expression that I previously hadn’t heard of.

Cuffing Season (via Urban Dictionary) – During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

How apropos this is what we’re reviewing given the names of our secret identities…eh, Miranda 😉 

I still can’t believe you haven’t heard of this term….smh (shake my head).

Ok, Ok…so I only heard about this cuffing business from Miranda last week but let me tell you, the definition is spot on. All the single ladies I know, and I mean all of them are currently experiencing this seemingly existential crisis about being lonely ’round the holidays. As the weather gets colder, our need to snuggle gets bolder and bolder.

It’s human nature to start feeling this way and now there is the perfect word to describe this sensation of loneliness. The sudden need to shack up with someone can come seemingly at random, but the weather and time of year is truly to blame. Or at least, we’ll use it as an excuse 😛

Suddenly, everything fell into place. The suspiciously friendly text I recently received from a semi-ex? My own attempt to cajole a guy friend into coming over to “drink wine and cuddle”? All of these pathetic pleas have a simple, weather-related explanation, provoked by nothing other than the drop in outdoor temperature. Better yet, said vulnerability presents an excellent opportunity to turn lemons into some mighty fine pisco sours and score a Cuffing Buddy to cuddle up to all winter long!

With the exception of Mr. Netflix and Chill Out, I haven’t experienced many visits from boyfriends past as of late. However, I have definitely caught myself thinking about how exes are doing and if it’s worth reigniting an old flame for lack of better options…Can you say desperado?

Yep, it’s that raw sense of desperation that has girls flocking to the apps and websites. I, too, find myself looking harder on tinder than usual. No more casual hangouts with friends. Give me the club, give me alcohol, and give me a guy that can be mine. At least for a season anyways.

Seriously, I was tindering yesterday to the point where I actually ran out of likes. I mean come on, that only ever happens when I swipe right on everyone just to see how many likes I’d get. …Don’t act like you’ve never done that before. I guess the cuffing season phenomenon is hella real and crept up without our knowing.

And now, a few rules of conduct…

  1. Don’t be too picky.Remember that, when it comes to Cuffing Buddies, practicality is key – all you have in store for this relationship are sex and food and TV, so he must excel in at least two of these areas. I kid you not, my friend once admitted that the best relationship she ever had was with her local deli man, if only because he would bring her cherries and champagne after each shift and speak only when spoken to. Who the hell wants more than sex and food and TV anyway? Haven’t you guys ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

 Hmmm not sure about this one. Sure, I have definitely been a little more lenient on who gets a right swipe these days but there is a definite difference between pickiness and standards. Hooking up with someone less than ideal once or twice is one thing, but I definitely don’t want to date someone I’m not all that interested in. Relationships take work, so I you should be putting effort into the people you actually want to be with. It’s only fair to you and your guy as well.

I guess if it’s just sex and food you’re after, eh  anyone would do in a pinch. But would this satisfy those Cuffing Season blues? I don’t really think so. To me, Cuffing Season is more about ice skating and handholding than booty calls and binge-watching (though I still enjoy those too).

 My standards usually waver on any given day – it really just depends on my mood and self-esteem that day. Last week even, I did something that I wouldn’t normally do. I met up with someone at 10pm on a Sunday (screams desperation I know) for drinks. And even though by the end I was sure I wasn’t into him, I still let him make a move on me and kiss me, which grew into more of a make-out session on a dark street downtown.  Why would I let him? Well, cuffing season would be the answer to explaining the unexplainable. The need to have someone there to hold can overpower your basic instinct and ability to make a decision if you actually like him. That was my situation, anyway.

  1. Trick him into thinking you’re homey and cozy.Your goal is to exude a warm and comforting vibe, the female equivalent of a pumpkin spice latte. I recommend stopping the diet and Soul Cycle nonsense immediately – after all, who wants to hold on to a rubbery skeleton on those cold winter night? If you’re like me and can’t cook for sh*t, improvise. The other day, I took a guy I’m seeing to my friend’s house for a dinner party – four tacos later, a much happier man was sitting next to me. Suddenly, I became cozy and homey by association – wherever I go, warmth and happiness (and alcohol) follow!

This one I can get behind. I am not a romantic person but something about this time of year really gets me in the spirit of LURVE more so than Valentine’s Day or any other marketing-manufactured reason to appreciate your S.O.

Also, as someone who has been on a strict diet for the month of November, I am really looking forward to cuddling up with cocoa, chocolate and ruining all the hard work I’ve put in for the last 3 weeks. 

 Did she just say food? This would be an easy step for me to accomplish. Most of my life revolves around the world of food. If I’m not eating it, I’m thinking about it and my next opportunity to eat it. I’m sure Samantha can attest to that. YUP Food is the language of love in my eyes so I completely agree with using this as a tactic to entrap a man to becoming yours. Also, rubbery skeleton? I don’t know about all of you but I’m far from that so I’ll be chilling with my winter flubber. All I’m saying is I need my fat to keep me warm. 

  1. Add some glamour.When in doubt, look to my compatriots – despite living in the land of endless winter, Russians manage to maintain an unparalleled air of glamour via the decadent vices of fur, hard liquor, and rich cuisine. Indulge in all of those, and don’t forget to throw in some sexy lingerie to envelope those caviar-nourished curves! In fact, think of yourself as a luscious Christmas gift, covered in ribbons and ready to be unveiled.I promise you, the deli man will appreciate it. 

 Ok, maybe I’ll try spicing up my lingerie but the boy will have to work for it. If I’m a Christmas gift, then I’ll be the best god damn wrapped gift he’s ever encountered. I expect him to peel back my many layers of clothing (seductively) to even come close to reaching my bedazzled thong as the final frontier before revealing my prized possession.

 I have a feeling the only males seeing my lingerie this winter will be two little Maltese fluffballs. Who needs love when you’ve got puppy love?

  1. Explore couple activities. Warning: come December, even the gravest of cynics will feel an overwhelming urge to peruse Christmas Market sen couple and smooch passionately under the mistletoe. To which I say YOLO, ice skating with deli man it is! Just don’t forget to keep your eyes on the main prize, aka the joys of fornication.

Here we go with the ice skating! Gawd why must the holidays be so cute and fun and unavoidably relationship-y? It’s like the world turns into an ever-lasting scene from Love Actually for a couple months.

 Dayum this girl is fixated on fornication….someone needs to quench the thirst STAT.

Samantha, this girl makes us look like the most hydrated people in comparison. Her thirst level is unparalleled it would seem. These activities are super cute though, and definitely a huge part of the cuffing aspect for me. They all tie in together. Go outside, be chilly and adorable as a couple and come into the warmth hearth awaiting you to snuggle with a hot cup of cocoa. Bliss, much?

 Couldn’t agree more my friend. Except, no one could make you not look like a dehydrated camel wandering through the desert for 40 years. #sorrynotsorry

  1. Let it sizzle out organically.I once made the mistake of carrying on a cuffing season relationship way past its expiration date, while simultaneously attempting to keep it casual enough to see other people. The guy being French, the whole thing ended with a jealous rage (his) and a homicidal attempt at a Sunday Sundae party on the Seine (mine). Unless it’s the real deal, cut your losses and get out before somebody gets hurt.(Or falls off a boat. Whoops.)

 I want to read the blog post about that situation :p  

 It’s true, I don’t need something forever, just something to occupy my time for a couple dreary winter weeks. I don’t know man. If we could survive the cuffing season together, it might be worth it to try being in a legitimate relationship. Maybe it’s just me being a hopeless romantic. But, I feel like I’m in “cuffing season” pretty much all year round. Even in summer, I’m reminded of the many activities that are best done as a couple. It’s inescapable to a struggling single like myself.


I really loved Dbag’s Dating Guide to Cuffing Season as all the rules of conduct please both you and your special someone. The only problem is finding that person that you’d so love to spoil. Having not met anyone remotely interesting lately, I have come up with an accompanying definition for Urban Dictionary:

Cuffing Season Blues: the needless, over-emotional  feelings of insecurity and loneliness associated with being single during the “most wonderful time of the year”.

At least I’ve got my dogs.